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 We pray for Our Military:

                                Capt. Anthony Liggayu,                                 Capt. Edlyn Liggayu,                                 2nd LT. Alex Rollins,                                 Maj. Aaron Scully,                                    

  . . .and our military Friends of Incarnation:   

Lt. Col. Dave Benjamin, Capt. Sean Benjamin, Lt. Col. Brad Crosson, Maj. Comador Ferguson,  Lance Corporal Christopher Miller, Capt. Marie Rowe, and for all those serving overseas.

May God bestow grace and care upon all of

     our men and women of our Armed Forces,       at home and abroad.

Give them strength of character and the

     courage to face the perils that may beset them as they do their duty.   

May they serve a sense of your abiding presence to keep them safe from harm.

Please Note:

Please let us know if you are ill

or in the hospital so we can visit you and

also put your name on the prayer list.

Church Office: 630-351-3249

Please Note:

Remote Worship will resume in November


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Meeting ID
651 716 671 1


2nd Sunday of each month

11 AM

Sunday, October 16th   

Worship 10 AM,  

BC and Fellowship to follow

Sunday, October 23rd

Worship 10 AM

Fellowship to follow

Sunday, October 30th

Worship 10 AM

Fellowship to follow

Sunday, October 9th

Worship 10 AM

Bible Study and fellowship to follow

Sunday, October 2nd

Worship 10 AM

Fellowship to follow

Church of the Incarnation